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Report of the Disturbance of Horrific Videos are being Questioned by Parents all across the Globe

Tel Aviv,Israel is reportedly trying to Urge Parents in the World to Ban Social Media from being used during these times of War Ravaged Strikes of The conflict between Hamas & Israel which is taking place in Gaza, Palestine & Kiryat Shmona which borders Lebanon. Images are reportedly being displayed on Social Media sites as Such as "Tic Toc, Instagram & X formally known as Twitter".

The Question is,are these Images & Videos any different from what we are witnessing right here In America when Our kids Record and Brodcast the Horrific Drive By Shooting, and or neighborhood Brawls that's being taking place right here everyday in our own Backyard Daily sometimes multiple times a day on these same Media Platforms?

Sometimes we witness this type of Madness almost everyday before The Local news pick up the Said Events. It's being glorified by some and at other times it's very disturbing to most. Especially families that's victims of these situations. However in most cases,Social media is the Platform to spread such news and Images.

With the Attention of the Latest Strikes, over in Gaza It's being reported that soldiers are Beheading Hostages and murdering entire villages. some of which is not being reported. In some cases they are reporting what they want the World to know,and other cases it's not reported at all. Similar to what's going on right here in our own Backyard. Not to say what's right or Wrong, or who is right and wrong, but is Social media at Fault

Some Teachers and Teachers Associations are at serious Talks of the events going on and really considering Banning these platforms. as a Parent, I agree to a certain point, because again here in America we see Horrific Images of War Daily on Social media,and indeed its very disturbing

With that being said,what is your thoughts on this Subject Matter? Feel free to comment or add your point of view below or in comment section .

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