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Purpose Of The Kingdom

King of da airwaves was birthed in Detroit, MI 1996. At first it wasn’t just a t-shirt business. It started off as a local DJ, hustling his mixtapes through perseverance to make his mark in the game. I mean that’s what’s it all about right, but It doesn’t just stop there, it gets deeper. Music and fashion goes hand ‘n hand. Coming up with different designs and projects everyday to keep that balance. Creativity through fashion is an art form that different ranges of cultures can enjoy. It was then realized that culture birthed equality. Introducing different fashion designs to connect with our people to form the perfect kingdom. The world is mine as well as yours. You’re the main character in your reality. KODA KINGDOM is just a reflection of ours. We’re more than a business. Purity and having knowledge itself is the formula to our foundation. 

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