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Streaming: Is It A Blessing or A #StickUp


In Todays Time everything seems to have Music involved especially #HipHop Music. More so that today's music not only make a Whole Lot Money. But generate more Revenue than anyone can imagine. At least it seems. In This manner, where is the Breakdown or charts,Graphs to compre how much goes to Artist and How much do these Streaming Companies Get. Where is The Money,Seriously?

In A New Tweet From Meek Mill A Rap Artist out of Philadelphia, PA that Really made Alot of Hits in today's Streaming world.

In the Picture below where his Tweet ask the Question A few Billion Streams ,how much is the Streaming company generated?

It's a Big World But Artist actually get Penuts compared to actual Recrds * C.D. sales. from an early Blog post KODA wrote actually break down one way of looking at this Matter at Hand


And If You have a Way of seeing this feel free to address this here or on Twitter.

Oh And also Below iui s the Link to Meek Mill actual tweet as well

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